Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Menino Intimidation Tactics

Barry Mullin, the lead person in the drive to get more police on the streets of Boston, had a recent visitor to his house in Dorchester.

It was a gentleman from the Menino administration who told him that Menino was going to do to him what Menino did to Peggy Davis Mullen, and drive him out of the city.

Well, isn't that friendly of City Hall to let him know how much they appreciate the democracy we have set up here in America.

In a somewhat related incident, my wife's car was broken into again last night, second time in less than a year.

I wonder if the search committee for the new police commissioner is letting the candidates know that they will be required to say that they have enough officers, despite what the previous superintendent said publicly. It will be interesting to see whether they appoint a new one by the time it comes for us to depose an official from the police department.

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