Wednesday, September 06, 2006

lunch with chang diaz, senate candidate

My wife and I had lunch with Ms. Chang Diaz a couple days ago, and we were both very impressed. Most importantly, I don't think she has received accurate press about her positions.

She is prochoice. She is pro gay marriage. She is a policy wonk (self professed) who wants to hold our elected officials to a higher standard. She is running at personal risk, losing her health insurance and putting career on hold to do what she thinks is right. And, unlike losing candidate McCrea, she is running a positive campaign focusing on who she is and what she believes in.

She will get my write in vote, if for no other reason than because she answered a phone call and email, which is more than Senator Wilkerson has done in the last two years for me.

Please check out her website, see her speak, or give her office a call and give democracy a fair shake!

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