Saturday, September 30, 2006

How bad is the N.O. Police Department?

I was reading the New Orleans Times Picayune the other day, and on the third page of the metro section there was an article about a cop who had been arrested. A tipster had alerted authorities that he might be driving a stolen truck. Sure enough, they investigated and he was driving a truck that had been stolen a year ago. In addition, they found marijuana and cocaine in his house.


This is where in Boston you get articles about the city council looking into defibulators, or the town of Boxford looking into school uniforms!

Many of you may have heard about the police officers who stole a bunch of new Cadillacs during the aftermath of Katrina. Well, at least that incident led to one of the great billboards of all time. The dealership that was robbed put up a billboard on route I-10,I believe, which said something to the effect of "Seawell Cadillac: Preferred by New Orleans Finest!"

A stolen car and drug deal gone awry was left behind our home on West Springfield Street a couple days ago. The cop who arrived on the scene had been on the force for almost 15 years and he told my wife about the great history of drug use and crime at 218 West Springfield when the Curry family was living there.

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