Saturday, June 25, 2005

Summer Internships to combat youth unemployment

You may have read that the city needs to find more jobs for teens in Boston. So, I decided to do more than talk platitudes about needing to do something about it.
The Committee to Elect Kevin McCrea is starting interviews next week to hire 4 to 5 Boston High School Students to work on our campaign. The students can be from anywhere in Boston, preferably juniors or seniors, and preferably with an interest in politics and/or government.

The students will be doing research, going campaigning, and getting to know about the political process and the city they live in. In particular I hope to put together a list of about 10 questions, of which I'd like the students to come up with 2 or 3, that I will then have them go around to all the candidates to answer. Once we have compiled them, we will post them on our blog.

If you know of any interested students, please have them email us at


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