Sunday, June 12, 2005

Parades and more updates!

Good week, and busy, and hot!!!

Last Sunday I ran for the first time in about two years, for AIDS action committee's 5K run to raise money for the fight against AIDS. I did the run in around 26:11 which I was happy with, since I figured anything under 30 minutes would be respectable. But, I got slower and slower as the race went on, my left knee was killing me, etc... I've always dreamed of running a marathon, but as I was running on storrow drive, as I was scorching in the heat, I believe I decided once and for all that I'm not a runner. I'll stick to the basketball courts.

We then marched in the Dorchester Parade which was great fun. Many people had read about me, some had friends that told them about me, and generally we had a very positive feedback and a great time.

All week I was trying to get a final inspection from the fire department on a couple of units we just completed (adding to the housing stock of boston!). The fire department has no answering machine and no set time that they accept calls, or that they are in the office. So, it is a total luck of the draw to get a project completed. This is complete lunacy. I called up the mayor's office and explained that we currently have some new technology known as an answering machine, and that I would be willing to buy one for the Fire Department if they'd accept it. I'm still waiting to hear back. The gentleman who was the inspector is incredibly nice, but he explained they are understaffed. Apparently, they aren't allowed to use an answering machine. How is it a city like Boston, there is no mechanism to contact the fire department to get an inspection done.

Campaign notes....still waiting to hear back from John Tobin on when we are going to go out campaigning as he told the Globe he would like to do with me, candidate Connolly expressed his unhappiness with me asking him where he stood on issues at a ward meeting, Patricia White was very pregnant at the Bunker Hill Parade, and very gracious. I hope everything goes well with the birth. My summer intern Jeff Sostak is doing a fantastic job doing everything from organizing for parades, to dropping off documents to figuring out computer modeling programs.

Thanks Jeff!

I went to get the Elect Kevin Harley Davidson inspected the other day at Riverside Kawasaki in Somerville (where they know me) and as I came in they joked "hey we don't serve politicians here!!!". Then we started talking about how difficult it is to get a straight answer out of a politician and they told me a funny story. Apparently John Kerry had been to the store recently to buy a motorcycle helmet. (I believe he owns an Italian Ducati) Anyway, he apparently would not put the helmet on to try it for size! The salesman, told him "I can't sell you a helmet if you won't try it on" but Kerry refused because he didn't want to mess up his hair! What planet do these people come from??? Anyone who knows anything about motorcycles and helmets knows you have to try a helmet on for size, as it is the critical safety feature for a motorcyclist. When he rides his bike, does he bring his hair stylist with him?

More notes....marched in the Gay Pride Parade yesterday and was proud to note that I seem to have more signs of support up in the area than other candidates. It was a great time and I saw a lot of my south end neighbors there having a great time. Matt O'Malley, Dad and others came to say hi and check out my bike at the Bunker Hill Parade, along with people from Maura Hennigans group and Ed Flynn's campaign. We had a great time at the parade with a diverse group of friends from Charlestown and elsewhere. We had a great response from the crowd, especially with the motorcycle (I ended up riding one woman up and down the street who promised a vote!) We're thinking of having a Rides for Votes! Night, definitely on a Two Wheel Tuesday!
Micheal Flaherty was interviewed on BNN by Joe Heisler and was asked about the Open Meeting Law lawsuit. He said it was a "shameless" political stunt. Also, that he would sit down with me and explain to me how to win a city council seat based on the issues of housing, education, etc. Well, I agree that housing and education are two of the big issues in the city and I invite voters to compare my ideas at and his ideas that can be found on his website which is noted on my blog. My campaign is about ideas! But, I will send him a letter asking for his input on how I can win a campaign. Because he certainly has more knowledge and experience on that matter. It was interesting how a number of our signs got taken down after setting them up last night in Charlestown. But none of my opponents signs had been removed....hmmmnnnn, what are they afraid of .....democracy breaking out, with honest differing opinions on subjects? Had a nice evening at neighbors for neighbors in JP, where there are a lot of committed people trying to make JP more livable, sociable, hospitable and
FUN! Great group, I volunteered some extra construction materials to a gentleman building some of luck!

Ok, off to get some sleep. Only a couple weeks until my project is finished and I can campaign full time. Then the fun starts!

Peace and Love,


the sak said...

...then the council president should have no difficulty providing minutes of a public meeting without delay. What a hypocrite! It is symptomatic and signal that our council does not take seriously enquiries and requests for access to public information and access to public meetings.

the sak said...

There's the dial up and dial down techniques where you dial the department telephone number extension adding or subtracting 1 or 2. For example instead of 617 635-1234, dial -1235, -1233, -1236, -1232.

Call another division, another unit at the same department and ask them to take a message for the unreachable division, unit. Ask at the department's executive office leaving a message for the unreachable division, unit.