Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ethics??? Lawyers???? City Hall???? Supreme Court gives right to take property??

I just read in the Herald this morning that Disrict Councilor Paul Scapicchio is joining the huge lawfirm of Mintz Levin "of counsel". The article says that the councilor "will do some work on ML Strategies real estate and (for) public policy clients."

Does anyone else thinks that this sounds very much like a conflict of interest?

Mintz Levin is a huge lawfirm, with some of the most influential lawyers in the city such as Bob Popeo. In the past they have actually represented the City of Boston on Bond matters and perhaps other issues. They also represent big real estate developers.

How can an elected city official be available to be hired to work to represent a client with business before the city, whether it be by him or the firm he represents. When Sandra Day O'Connor in her dissenting opinion this week on the decision to allow cities to take private property to give to other private owners talked about the rich and those with influence and power being able to steamroll the rights of the not so rich and influential, this is the type of thing I'm sure she had in mind. I hope the press, the citizens, and the candidates take a stand on this.

Chris Milton, a former partner at Mintz Levin, who left the firm recently wrote an email to all members of the firm when he was leaving saying something to the effect that he hoped the firm would get back to caring more about their ideals than the business culture which has taken over.
It seems as if his words are not carrying any weight.

I have never met Mr. Scapicchio but I will call his office next week and ask for a few minutes of his time, and offer to let him respond on this blog if he so chooses, so that he might clarify why this is in the best interests of the citizens who voted him into office. It is interesting how this notice comes out a few weeks after the close of candidates being allowed into the race.

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