Monday, December 07, 2009

Alternative XMAS/holiday gifts for activisits and citizens:


Forgive me for a solicitation, but it's for an organization I have long loved: Resist, which has just a few days left in its Radical Holiday at

RESIST is a national progressive foundation that supports grassroots organizing for peace, economic, and social and environmental justice and provides political education for social change activism. For 40 years, RESIST has funded groups that challenge reactionary government policies, corporate arrogance, and right-wing fanaticism through organizing, education, and action.

As a non-profit organization itself, RESIST relies on contributors with a strong commitment to social, economic and environmental justice, and a firm belief in the need to build grassroots movements and capacity.

So please place your bids on 100 items, including:

* Incredible artwork by John Lennon
* Signed Joan Baez CD
* A chance to meet Noam Chomsky
* Vacations to Cape Cod and Utah, among others
* Autographed David Ortiz Baseball
* My sister’s art
* And much, much more!

Start bidding today at
... where you can fund grassroots organizing and shop for gifts at the same time!