Saturday, November 01, 2008

Letter to District Attorney asking him to investigate the Boston Licensing Board

Kevin McCrea
218 West Springfield Street
Boston, MA 02118

October 31, 2008

John Zanini
Assistant District Attorney
1 Bullfinch Place
Boston, MA 02114

RE: Violation of Open Meeting Law by Boston Licensing Board

Dear Mr. Zanini:

This letter is a request that you investigate a possible violation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

As per our conversation two days ago, I am asking you to investigate a possible violation of the Open Meeting Law, M.G.L. 39 chapter 23 B. It appears from the indictment in the US v. Dianne Wilkerson case that on August 15, 2007 a public meeting was held in which approval for a beer and wine license for the Déjà vu restaurant was not on the docket or meeting agenda, and was not publicly addressed. But, the beer and wine license which is supposed to be reviewed in public was apparently approved by the Boston Licensing Board on that day.

You have indicated that you have read the indictment, and so I will not forward it to you. The Boston Licensing Board can be found in Room 809 at Boston City Hall.

If you need or require anything further to do your investigation, please contact me at once. As you know, the Massachusetts General Laws consider Open Meetings a priority and have a provision that the Courts hold a hearing on any proposed violation within 10 days. I look forward to your timely inquiry.

Thank you for investigating this matter.


Kevin McCrea


the zak said...

What is the address for email for Assistant District Attorney John Zanini ?...

How can others be encouraged to send their concerns about sunshine open public meetings to that office?...

Kevin said...

Call up the District Attorney, send them a letter, just as I did.

the zak said...

What's needed is a webpage with the pertinent information about enquiring about sunshine open public meetings principles from Assistant District Attorney John Zanini including the address for email for sending in requests to open a meeting. By making it easier for people we could learn more about City Hall compliance and violations.