Sunday, July 20, 2008

response to Jacoby Globe editorial

Dear Jeff:

Nice article, but....

But, when will the Globe start doing serious journalism? When will the Globe stop endorsing these
guys such as Menino, Flaherty, etc.? The voters look to you, the press, for direction. I had a Globe reporter at
my house last night who when she interviewed my run for office asked fluff questions about who the Mayor's wife is,
and how far can a motorcycle be parked from a curb, when I wanted to talk about taxes, corruption and cronyism.

Look yourself in the mirror and tell it like it is. Without a serious commitment from the fourth estate, the other 3 get out of control. Why don't you write about how the firefighter pension issue is not the fault of the firefighters, it is the result of the person running the show: Menino and the City Council who should, as our elected officials be watching out for our dollars.

The same goes for the state legislature, the treasurer(s) and the governors(s) who oversaw the big dig, etc.

Kevin McCrea

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