Friday, July 25, 2008

As Sam is to Deval, Deval is to Obama

At my housewarming party last weekend a Globe reporter said to a few of us "wow, Sam Yoon has been a big disappointment." I replied to this person who had interviewed Sam a number of times, "are you kidding?, he is exactly what he said he was going to be in his campaign. I can't believe you thought anything else. Your own columnist Sam Ellis wrote that Sam only put out 'nerfball bromides'". He has continued to emit these bromides. All I ever heard him promise is that he was going to do better, but since he had never been in office it is easy to do better than nothing. I think Sam has been very honest in that regard.

These same campaign bromides I heard again with Deval Patrick. Together we can, what??? And now we have Obama, who says we need change without any specifics. What I have seen is changing of positions to meet changing political needs. No profiles in courage to me.

To me, Deval Patrick is Sam Yoon on steroids, and Obama is Deval Patrick on steroids. Of course, to me, each of them would be better than the probable Republican opposite but they aren't saying anything specific, just putting out a feel good message. Until voters demand real facts, promises and policies from their politicians this country will continue heading in its current direction.

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