Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dance Crew from Dorchester area could win MTV contest, please vote!

A friend of mine, Kevin Barry, is helping this Dorchester Group maybe win this MTV award which could lead to great things. I really salute Kevin who is so concerned with the state of his neighborhood and the ineffective leadership, but who goes out and does what is really required to make a neighborhood 'awesome'.

Could live in Boston!

From Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury

Competing in MTV’s Grand Finale – The Final 2 of
“Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew”
Let’s Represent Boston – Support Boston’s Youth by voting for Status Quo to win it all - bring home a Championship to Boston

Watch the Live Finale on MTV Thursday March 27th10pm

Vote for Status Quo to win the dance competition and represent Boston.
Vote as Often as you can. Vote! Vote! Vote Again!
Vote Now, until 9:00 pm Thursday, March 27th
1. Call toll free: 1-866-ULove01
2. Cell phone text message #1, 23882
3. Vote online:

“The best tricks of any dance crew”

Vote from 11pm Thurs March 20th until 9pm Thurs March 27th
See for profile of Status Quo and contest

Again, another weekly reminder to vote for the hometown boys from Boston!! I thank you all for your efforts last week as Status Quo was #1 in amount of votes in the last round.
I hope you were able to catch them in their performances last night/Thursday; if not check MTV over the weekend. I am sure they will play the reruns!
Looks like it will be a tight race for the finals so try and remember to vote again this week. Information is below and attached for your convenience on how you can help bring another championship team to Boston!!!

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