Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Well, Clara and I are back in Boston, now living in Fort Hill in Roxbury. We like it up here, quiet, nice neighbors, lots of parking. Plus, we have the same trash filled streets we were used to in the south end.

A few lines in the sand (as the Mayor of Newton would say):

1) I am opposed to casino's in MA. Disclosure: I gamble, Vegas, Ecuador, etc.
Especially in Boston. I could live with one resort casino in a remote area as a
compromise, but gambling is not the basis of a progressive economy.

2) There should be no agreement with the Fire Union without drug testing.

My moles have been sending me stuff as usual such as:

1) Why hasn't the new superintendent and her right hand man registered their car in
MA yet? Maybe Mayor Menino has already explained there are two sets of rules in this state: one for the taxpayers who have to register within 30 days, and one for the rest of the "in" crowd. Allegedly they still have their Tennessee license plates. She has found the time to write the Mayor a check for his campaign however.

2) Why is Michael Flaherty and the City Council spending $600 an hour for attorney Rory Fitzpatrick to appeal the Open Meeting Law decision against them. The fine they received was only $11,000 but they may end up spending $50-$100,000 of taxpayer money to appeal the case. At the appeals court hearing Mr. Fitzpatrick told the panel of 3 judges that what Flaherty, Feeney, and Co. did wasn't right but it was legal. If it wasn't right, than why not just pay the fine and stop doing it as opposed to spending so much money defending something your own attorney says isn't right?

3) Does the head of the trash department really live in Boston, or does he just park his city car in Hyde Park and then take his own car home to Westwood or another suburb? Also, did he have anything to do with the Capitol Management waste disposal company which has come out of nowhere to be a huge player and receive maybe a 5 year contract??? Is that his son as a vice-president at Capitol?

Did I miss much while I was gone? Keep the cronyism, corruption and collusion tips coming.

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travcitiz said...

Feeney and co. have taken the level of cronyism to a new low by passing a law for the fire fighter who was unable to pass the entrance exam. This is not the only form of cronyism with which she has been involved. My sources tell me she has orchestrated other plans to squash private safety projects to appease her friends and City Employee colleagues. Maureen Feeney is definitely the type of person that will choose to help someone she knows over someone she doesn't, even at the expense of human safety.