Thursday, April 26, 2007

Funny happenings in Chinatown

Frank Chin, the power broker in Chinatown who was behind the Mayor's guy Linehan getting into the final of the may 15 special election is back at it.

Reports are that he was recently at the Election Department in City Hall. What was he doing there? Well getting hundreds of absentee ballots of course.

Nice to know old school city politics of voting for what your ward boss tells you about is alive and well.

What does Frank Chin get from the Mayor to elicit such loyalty?


the sak said...

- - - - - From: - - - - -
Attached please find the
City Council's response to your request for information pursuant to
GL c4 s7 cl.26; GL c66 s10 through 18.

In your April 24, 2007 request of the City Clerk and stenographer
Ellen Fritch, you requested the stenographic machine output for the
City Council meeting of either April 11, 2007 or April 4, 2007.

As the department that has the
contract with the stenographer, I am responding to your request.

I have calculated the costs necessary for the copies of the physical
output of the stenographer's machine (paper tape).

To make a photocopy of the machine output takes approximately
one hour of staff time to copy
thirty minutes of Council meeting stenographic output.

The hourly wage of the
lowest paid staff person capable of completing this task is
twenty-five dollars per hour.

Each meeting lasted approximately
three hours, requiring
six hours of the staff person's time to
make copies of the original stenographic output, at a total cost of

Additionally, the copies themselves will cost
$0.20 cents per page at an estimated
600 pages, totaling

The check would need to be
made out to "City of Boston" and sent to me.

Please contact me regarding
whether you will want the copies to be made.
We will begin processing your request upon receipt of the funds.
Ann Hess Braga, Staff Director
Boston City Council

the sak said...

_ _ _ _ _ comment by ... _ _ _ _ _
If the City posted the stenographic output of these machines
(and minutes and reports recived, etc.) to the city website, the
public could have ready access without having to file a request, and
they could select the parts in which they were interested.

If a hard copy were desired or needed, it could be downloaded and
printed out by the person wanting the hard copy.

It seems that too many government agencies are still
looking for ways to do business under the cloak of darkness and use
things like cost and inconvenience to discourage people from asking
for information.

If the notion that the best disinfectant for government business is
sunshine, then organizations like the City of Boston should WANT
to make this information available to as many people as possible and
not just to those who can afford $270/meeting.

_ _ _ _ _ comment by ... _ _ _ _
In the alternative, and consistent with both the letter and the spirit
of the law, posting this output to the city's website so that folks
could choose for themselves what they wanted to download and print
would be acceptable.

the sak said...

_ _ _ _ _ From: Election Department Sabino.Piemonte at _ _ _ _ _
1. Michael F. Flaherty 1726 Columbia Road South Boston MA 02127 617-269-4673 617-635-4205
info at
michael.f.flaherty at

2. John R. Connolly 12 Shaw Street West Roxbury MA 02132 617-323-6672 617-447-1302
info at
John at

3. Sam Yoon 39 Waldeck Street Dorchester MA 02124 617-635-4217
sam at
sam.yoon at

4. Felix D. Arroyo 36 South Huntington Ave. Jamaica Plain MA 02130 617-777-9070
Felix.Arroyo at
felixd.arroyo at

5. Matthew Geary 85 Stoughton Street Dorchester MA 02125 978-994-0988

6. David James Wyatt 62 Weaver Court Roxbury MA 02119 617-442-4191 857-492-3076
david at

7. Stephen J. Murphy 141 Warren Avenue Hyde Park MA 02136 617-361-3339 617-635-4376
Stephen.Murphy at

8. William P. Estrada 212 Lexington Street East Boston MA 02128 435-650-4933

9. Martin J. Hogan 491 Ashmont Street Dorchester MA 02122 617-297-5771
mhog516 at

10. Salvatore LaMattina 76 Montmorenci Avenue East Boston MA 02128 617-635-3200
Salvatore.LaMattina at

11. Bill Linehan 128 G Street South Boston MA 02127 617-268-5387
BillLinehan at
bill.linehan at
william.linehan at

12. Edward M. Flynn 254 Gold Street South Boston MA 02127 617-269-0776
flynnforcouncil at

13. Maureen E. Feeney 160 Milton Street Dorchester MA 02124 617-635-3455 617-825-3037
Maureen.Feeney at

14. Michael J. Cote 336 Adams Street Dorchester MA 02122 617-612-2012
mike_j_cote at

15. Charles Calvin Yancey 3 Hooper Street Dorchester MA 02124 617-436-4444 617-635-3131
Charles.Yancey at

16. J. R. Rucker 103 Tonawanda Street Dorchester MA 02124 617-436-0815

17. Rob Consalvo 18A Chittick Road Hyde Park MA 02136 617-361-5733 617-828-0129
rob.consalvo at

18. John M. Tobin Jr. 51 Joyce Kilmer Road West Roxbury MA 02132 617-438-1068 617-327-3634
John at

19. Althea Garrison 98 Howard Avenue Dorchester MA 02125 617-407-7661 617-973-2402
wilshak14 at

20. Chuck Turner 63 Beech Glen Street Roxbury MA 02119 617-635-3510
Chuck.Turner at

21. Carlos A. Henriquez 20 Judson Street Dorchester MA 02125 617-279-9363
info at

22. Michael P. Ross 214 Parker Hill Avenue Roxbury MA 02120 617-708-0202
michael.ross at
mikeross at

23. Timothy N. Schofield 120 A Sutherland Road Brighton MA 02135 617-732-0099 617-233-4983
Bob at

24. Gregory J. Glennon 32 Easton Street Allston MA 02134 617-686-7399

25. James Joseph Jenner 187 Kenrick Street Brighton MA 02135 617-254-7734 617-285-4229

26. Alessandro Alex Selvig 20 Lake Street Brighton MA 02135 617-783-8442 857-204-5964
Alex at

27. Rosie Hanlon 172 Chiswick Road Allston MA 02134 617-254-4770 617-818-7142

28. Mark W. Alford 40 Lake Street Brighton MA 02135

29. Mark S. Ciommo 10 Olivia Road Brighton MA 02135 617-789-4693 617-635-6120

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Happy said...

There should be the biggest campaigns for the biggest cities!