Thursday, April 19, 2007

City Budget nicely summed up

Although I am in Ecuador, a financial professional friend of mine took a look at the
proposed City Budget. Here is the summary:

here's the bottom line


Maxed out on Prop 2 1/2 and dipped into reserves a little
Counting on some extra from the state


Pay the 10% hike in health care that we got across the board

$7 million for a few extra cops

Send the rest to the school system - we have 4600 teachers for 54,000 students and 5000 other employees in the school system. That's one adult (all with health care) for every 6 students. One teacher for every 12. If a class size is 25 kids - that means the average teacher only spends half the day in a classroom.

Everything else is little more than inflation.

The globe calls this "strategic" - only if "strategic" is the new bloated!

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