Monday, October 23, 2006

New Police Chief-good news

We got a new police chief today, and I like what I hear about him. Community policing and being proactive about crime seem to be proven techniques.

Our new D-4 police captain came to our community meeting last week and is an impressive gentleman. I have heard great compliments from the Alston-Brighton community. He also believes in being responsive to the community, and was honest enough to let us know he is still learning about our district, although he was a patrolman here in the past. He runs marathons and has 3 children in the BPS. Best of luck to him!

I did ask him if getting new officers would make him reorganize the department, and he had a quizzical look on his face. He responded that no, it didnt make him reorganize the department, but that rookie officers initially spend time with more experienced officers. He also said that he prefers younger officers to older officers because they have more energy and go get them type of attitude.

stay safe!


POPS said...

i'm interested in seeing what type of community policing changes he'll bring

Ziomal said...

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