Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm a bead 'ho! Happy Mardi Gras!!

Greetings from Mardi Gras!! As declared by Rex, King of Mardi Gras, there will be no work done today.

There are masses of crowds along St. Charles and other parade routes. A bit to my surprise, I can't resist the beads! Clara and I have probably amassed 100 pounds of beads from all the various parades and a trek down Bourbon Street last night.

And I got a Coconut from Zulu, the prize possession from Carnival.

New Orleans is throwing a party bigger than anything Boston can imagine. I'm impressed by the restraint of the local constables. They maintain control while hammered people throw things at each other, motorcyclists roar by without required helmets, women flash epidermis, and trash piles up. It's all good.

We've had a wonderful time, while still working and everyone thanks us for coming down and helping out. No fighting amongst the people despite the drinking, there is great cameradie amongst everyone.

Back to Boston tomorrow, thankfully my taxes are paid, so not worried about any investigative articles by the local fourth estate!

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