Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mayor's avoidance speech

(If)... you are a witness to a crime, you must speak up and keep the specter of fear far from our neighborhoods---Mayor Menino inaugural address

Yes, I've been witness to the city council and the Mayor circumventing the Open Meeting Law. Why don't you come forward and talk about it? Did the Mayor secretly send out "stop snitchin" shirts that he confiscated to the city councilors.

On a more serious note, I and two police detectives confronted the young man who cashed the check stolen from me for $3500.

He is on probation for a prior armed robbery, he is an 18 year old (so he is an adult), he admitted to the crime, told us who gave him the check but wouldn't testify against him, and he had a bag of marijuana on him when we confronted him. Do you think that was enough to get him arrested? No way, not in Boston. They let him go. They wonder where kids get the money for guns? Well, when the police don't arrest kids and their cohorts who steal $3500 and have illegal drugs on them, you know something is wrong. More about this unreal episode later.

But make sure you don't sell shirts that proclaim your first amendment rights.

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