Saturday, December 31, 2005

Is the Herald Racist?

I often read Kevin Rothstein's blog on the Herald Website, and for some reason it occurred to me to look at the makeup of the Herald's bloggers today.

22 white, 0 Minorities

But, it is the City Newspaper, and the city is only 50 percent minority. It may have been triggered by my dinner last night at Brasserie Flo (or Jo, I'm never sure) where the clientele was 99 percent white (one couple had an hispanic kid with them, and my hispanic wife.

I can't understand why anyone would get the impression that our city is segregated.

Good to see the Mayor reappointed the same 2 people to the school committee, why do they bother asking for applications?


the sak said...

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Boston City Council. swearing in councilors.
Mayor Menino. inaugurating.

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