Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 20, 2005 Update

It has been quite a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. We have received some great press from the South End News, and the Boston Globe. I've been to events in West Roxbury, Roxbury, Charlestown, South End, Dorchester, and the Back Bay.
I'd like to thank Dan Settana at the Ward 20 meeting in West Roxbury for giving me the opportunity to speak to his group off the cuff. I'd also like to thank Maura Hennigan and her office and Mike Ross and his office for their time and advice on how to get out and campaign. I owe John Tobin a return phone call to set up a time and go campaigning with him, which he generously suggested we do in his comments to the Boston Globe about my candidacy.
I wrote a letter to the editor of the south end news about the groundwater issue in Boston, when someone wrote in asking my position on it. In short, I believe the issue goes back to the fact that we need a city planning agency to proactively address this and other issues.
I had a great time on Joe Heisler's TV show last Tuesday. I'd like to thank him personally for his time and interest in my open and honest campaign. He was altruistic enough to share a beer after the show and offer his advice.
I was advised by a few people before I went on the show that I should have friends and supporters be ready to call in questions. But that is the type of thing that I am running against. That is the same type of slippery slope as the reporter planted in the White House press corps. I got two great phone calls, a gentleman from Eastie who told me to stay positive, and actually be honest about what I'm going to do. I'd like to personally thank Joe from Dorchester, whomever he is, who called in and said something to the effect of "I don't know what kind of chance this guy has but he is the most honest politician I've seen and he has my vote!". These kind of comments are really inspiring me, I really appreciate it.
Hey, Joe--come to my open house at 218 west springfield street in the south end around 7 pm on april 29! I'd love to meet you.
Joe Heisler knows that guests have canned callers calling in. I think he rolled his eyes when I asked about the benign questions coming into the candidate that was on before me.
Some people have asked me about my past, now that the Globe has portrayed me as an "affable playboy" who likes to enjoy life to its fullest. Well, in the spirit of honesty and transparency and in no particular order.....yes, I have been arrested, no I have not been convicted of anything, yes, I shared one marijuana cigarette with a friend in high school, and I did try and inhale but I'm not sure I did it right, and I've never tried drugs again, although I do enjoy a good pint; I probably have exceeded the speed limit on occasion, a couple years ago I got a ticket for going 30 mph (in a 15mph zone) through the fast lane toll on the turnpike, I have sued people and been sued, most proud of taking on Keyspan (Pro Se) when they damaged my front yard. They offered $1200, after holding a number of depositions and discovery myself I found out that Keyspan had hired a subcontractor, who hired a subcontractor, who hired undocumented workers to dig up the streets. They settled for around $18,000. Don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge the status quo, big business and big government.
One good thing about being a contractor is that it prepares you a bit for politics. There is no way you can please all the people, and some people are always going to dislike you no matter how much you try. The key, I think, is to try and do your best, be honest with yourself and be able to sleep everynight because you gave it your best.
In my 30 days as a politician, I have a newfound respect and admiration for anyone who would run for office. I'd like to salute the other 9 candidates and I look forward to a lively and robust discussion of the issues. I'm open to debates and hope that we get a good chance to talk about the real issues with the press and the public.
Tonight I just got back from a heartfelt Ward 5 meeting. They have lost 3 of their longtime beloved members recently. There were a number of good stories, but I was most struck by David Scondras reminding us to let the people in your life now know how much you care for them, don't wait until they are dead. Also, he made the very important point that we need to have FUN in life!!! (where have i heard that before!) He was generous enough to offer his time to talk, and hopefully to come (and maybe speak, please!!!) to one of our open houses.
That is all for now, please contribute if you can, get a sign or a bumper sticker next week when they come in, and come to the open house on April 29th at the BIG house,

Go democracy!!!


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