Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How much more have they spent?

Some people have asked me how much they have spent in total on their new attorney, Mary Jo Harris. I have been too busy to count it up exactly but it seems as if it is only about $10,000 or so, give or take. Of course the fine is only $10,0000 so again, they could just pay it and move on, but why do that when you can keep playing out the clock hoping that Kathleen, Shirley and I get struck by a meteorite!

Especially when they are using that plentiful resource: taxpayer money. Sure is nice to have unlimited taxpayer money on your legal defense.

No wonder Tom Menino is too busy working to stop Question 1 from being enacted to help Democratic nominee Sonia Chang Diaz!

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the zak said...

Take a look at our Boston City Council Staff Director, City Messenger and City Stenographer E. Fritch Associates. These folks have responsibilities with respect to sunshine open meetings principles, FOI freedom of information public records principles of open government. But they are key people that deflect public enquiries for public information. Their job descriptions need to be updated to reflect the responsibilities of making available public communications of our City Council.