Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post about Council Pleading Guilty to Open Meeting Charges

I had earlier blogged about a Motion for Summary Judgment that the City Council sent to we three plaintiffs. As I wrote in that blog, the details aren't done yet. The other parties in the suit have asked me to take the blog down as they don't believe it conducive to final settlement of the case.

I disagree, and believe in transparency, but I'm part of a team so I have respectfully taken it down.

However, I do suggest calling your city councilor and the Mayor and ask why we are spending so much money on this, in these belt tightening times.



VoteCote said...


I enjoy reading about the latest every chance I can, and seeing how childish and pathetic the city council has become, but some discretion is understandable.

Keep up the fight.


the zak said...

Is a court motion a public record available at the court?... what's the court's telephone number?...

the zak said...

Boston Finance Commission Reports should be made available online

the zak said...

Boston City Council wants to charge for the appendices Tabs 1-14 to the Walkowski Report on sunshine open public meetings! Again our Council Flaunts FOI freedom of information public records principles of open government.

the zak said...