Friday, February 02, 2007

The Press Photographers at the BIG House!

Tonight and tomorrow we are hosting the Boston Press Photographers Association as they judge the best pictures of the year from Boston and New England photo journalists. We are honored to have the White House Press Photographer, a man with over 40 Time covers, and one of the top women photo journalists in the country sitting in our living room and deciding the best pictures amongst thousands of entries in many different categories.

There is best animal picture, best sports picture, etc.

They have bunkered down and no comments are allowed from the peanut gallery. It is fun to watch these professionals look and choose what is great and what is merely really good. Neat to sort of get a "year in review of New England" as well.

A friend asked us if we'd be willing to let them use the house, and we agreed as long as they took their shoes off(!) and made a donation to the South End Youth Baseball. It is a win/win on all sides!

Alas, no pictures of motorcycles or of any secret meetings!!