Thursday, May 11, 2006

a troubled man for troubled times

i was disappointed that in the mayoral race here in NOLA that Manny Chevrolet didn't do better.

He is a blind, manic deptressive, clarinet player who has run for office before. His motto: a troubled man for troubled times".

Some of his other signs "still troubled..."

It is hot and muggy down here, and as in Boston there is the smell of increased violence. More cops, more unhappy cops, more people just hanging around. I discovered one of the city's big time coke dealers yesterday. I'm always amazed how many people you meet can tell you who the coke dealer is in a city as he drives around his 100K porsche, but the police don't know or don't do anything about it. And I don't even do drugs. Some people two houses down from one of my projects are growing marijuana right on their front porch, in one of the historic vases. Pretty funny.

Looks as if I will be suing the city again soon, they really don't want to hold open meetings, we'll try and bring them kicking and screaming into doing the unthinkable: actually holding meetings and letting the public see what they are up to. Kudos again to Adam Reilly for blogging about their meetings, a noticable shift towards professionalism and doing something when people are watching.

Had a nice conversation with Councilor Kelly at the south end baseball opening day. I thought he looked pretty good for a man who is has been fighting cancer very hard. He seemed in good spirits, and quite welcoming.

One of the kids on my team got Manny Delcarmen's necklace, 10 bucks from Jonathon Papelbon, and faux world series ring from larry luccino, what a haul!!! Papelbon was great, with his dog "bosss". He was so kind, and so friendly with all the kids, what a great guy and a true southern gentleman. A huge hit! Also great was Ron Jackson, the hitting coach, "just keep your eye on the ball and don't let the ghosts of baseball haunt you."

Tragedy about my friend herman daly falling from his roof. He and his wife have been so nice, coming to my wedding, with a print they gave me hanging above the fireplace in the BIG House. A person who gave so much back to his community, very quietly, is a true shame. The funeral is saturday.

When are those bold ideas coming from city hall? I asked the building department if the "streamlining of the permitting process" promised last summer has started yet. They laughed at me.

On the positive side, I think the Mayor did the right thing by having the "independent" BRA up the cost of buying out of the affordable housing to$200K is a good thing. I believe that integrating income levels in a mix of housing is good for the city. Concentrated poverty is to be avoided.

be big!


dianalily said...

"He is a blind, manic depressive, clarinet player"


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